• Tips for Attracting More Golf Outings

    Kent Ashby  •  May 11, 2018

Hosting golf outings or tournaments is an excellent way for golf courses to boost their annual revenue. They can be a source of large returns while simultaneously generating great course exposure. Hosting an event is also a perfect opportunity to sell golf lessons, memberships, and items from the shop. The catch here is creating awareness. Most facilities fall short of promoting their golf outings and events the way they should in order to make them successful. Too often courses rely on their local businesses and charities to reach out to THEM, however, there are many organizations that will not make the first move. If you take the initiative to bring golf outings to your course, you are essentially going after the “low-hanging fruit” of the golf industry, as most facilities focus on individual tee time sales. The question is, how do you attract large groups to your golf course? Try following these tips to help make your next outing or tournament a success:

Be Accommodating

When a group of significant size hosts an event, they are guaranteed to have special needs. Whether it's food to be catered, a large indoor space or to rent out the entire facility, it's important to be flexible and accommodating (within reason). The organizers of these large events want to find a golf facility that is easy to work with. If you find that your facility might not be fully equipped to provide for each group, you can still do your best to be as helpful as possible. Help the event organizers throughout the process and try to come up with some ideas to make their event go well. They will appreciate your help and feedback, and the more enjoyable you can make the experience for them, the more likely they are to use your venue again for future events. Unless the customer is a seasoned golf outing promoter, they will look to you for advice on how to make their event run as smoothly as possible.

Create a Package Option

If you haven’t already created one, having a pre-made package available for outing requests is a must. If someone inquires about your group golf events or tournament hosting, you should have an answer and options ready to go. Make sure your package is somewhat flexible to fit different group sizes and outside vendor needs. Every course and every customer will have different needs and constraints based on budget, so having a few pricing options is always a good idea. Your package brochure should clearly state what is provided with the varying pricing options while leaving some variability for those that need it. Pricing options can be a set price based on a window of group size (ie. 100-150 attendees), on a per-person basis, or a custom quote for potential customers with unique requests. While it seems as though pricing on a per-person basis is the most popular, it's good to have other options that might work better for the customer.

Promote Your Venue

Once you have a plan of action and a package prepared, it's time to get the word out. You can’t rely on people finding you, you have to find them! Promote golf outings on social media, emails, on your website, and on search engines. Just like you push tee time sales on a regular basis, make sure your golf event packages get their fair share of the limelight. You must also be sure to handle any outing inquiries as soon as they come in. In all likelihood, an organization that reaches out to you is probably getting quotes from other courses in the area as well. Being quick and attentive in your response can help you stand out and even seal the deal before your competition has a chance.

Don’t let your facility miss out on potential revenue because hosting events and tournaments seem daunting. Remember that hosting golf outings does much more than just bring in revenue. They bring new potential customers that, when partnered with a good first impression, could turn into lifetime customers. If you would like to start promoting or enhance your golf outing marketing efforts, give 1-2-1 a call at (407) 395-4701 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and get started today!

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