• 9 Ways to Improve your Email Marketing Campaigns in 2018

    Alex Pettus  •  November 23, 2017

As the end of 2017 rapidly approaches, many golf course owners are looking for ways to improve their operations for the next year. One part of your business that we strongly recommend you take some time to review and improve is your Email Marketing. Your email marketing strategy is one of your most important tools for engaging with customers outside of in-person contact, and despite what you may believe email marketing is still growing!

While the use of Email Marketing certainly isn’t going away, it IS becoming more difficult to do properly. To help you understand what strategies you should keep, what you should stop, and what you can start doing, we’ve compiled a list of 9 ways to improve your Email Marketing in 2018:

  1. Email Goals

  2. Before you even begin to compose an email, you need to make sure you have a clear and concise goal in mind. Writing content just for the sake of having content is a waste of time, results in low engagement, and can even cause readers to unsubscribe if they view the content as meaningless. Every email you compose should have a defined goal.

    Email goals could be anything from directing users to complete forms, view specials, redeem promo codes, etc. The ultimate objective should be engagement, so give recipients options in your messages, such as calls-to-action and links in-text, so they have multiple avenues to achieve your goal.

  3. Your Subject Line

  4. Your email subject line is the first impression of your message. It’s your first chance to catch your reader's interest and draw them in. Business owners are often tempted to write super descriptive subject lines or to come up with something witty and clever. Usually, the most effective message subject line you can write is one that’s simple, to the point subject line that is easy to understand. This serves to peak the readers interest, and to help them differentiate your emails from spam.

  5. Write engaging/useful content

  6. This may seem like a no-brainer, but writing content that will be interesting and useful to your readers is paramount. The last thing you want is for your subscribers to be bored, unhappy, or let down by your emails. Make sure you know your audience and what they want to read. Consider creating interactive emails and take the time to include useful and engaging information, not just sales pitches. Lastly, make sure to watch those spelling and grammar mistakes. Nothing can discredit your content faster than lazy editing. For some more helpful tips on writing emails, check out this article from Forbes.

  7. Links and Calls-To-Action

  8. Speaking of engaging content, it doesn’t matter how interesting or informative your information is, your email is a waste of time if you don’t include a strong Call to Action. Be sure to include an opportunity for recipients to take action and click through to your course, advertised special or whatever product/service you are mentioning in your content. You should also consider including a sidebar with icons and links similar to the ones on your website.

  9. Personalize your emails

  10. Personalizing your emails can really make a difference in your open rates. There is nothing worse than sending out “Dear Customer” messages for your email marketing performance. There’s no need to get fancy, just stick with the basics. Including recipient names and company names is enough. If you have enough subscribers to segment your lists, this is another great way to add a personalized touch. Lastly, make sure your emails are coming from a “property.com” email address. Emails can come across as spammy if they are sent from personal Gmail accounts or from “no reply” sources.

  11. Use Email Signatures

  12. With all the flashy, highly technical marketing tools available today, some of the simplest are often overlooked. While optimizing your employees and your own signature isn’t going to outweigh your other marketing efforts, it can still be important. You shouldn’t expect it to help you magically increase sales, but including simple but accurate email signatures can drive real incremental conversions for your course. Check out these 7 ways email signatures drive conversions from Wordstream for more ideas.

  13. Test Sending Days and Times

  14. If you ask most marketers when the best time to send emails is, they will spit out the generic answer of “Tuesday through Thursday morning, between 8 and 10 am.” It’s a well-known fact in email marketing that most people open emails sometime in the morning, but consumers are becoming more and more mobile every day. This means more freedom to open emails on any kind of device and at a wider range of days and times. The best way to determine when to send your own emails is to test it. Try sending on a few different days and times, and keep note of the most important metrics (open rates, click through rates and subscribers).

  15. Suppress unengaged subscribers

  16. Sending emails every week to unengaged audiences, while not technically spam still counts as Graymail. Graymail refers to bulk email messages that aren’t technically spam because the recipients gave you their information, but the fact of the matter is, they get your emails and don’t touch them. This can have unintended consequences for you. If your recipients aren’t opening your emails, it will drop your open and engagement rate. The likelihood they will start opening messages after ignoring your drops quickly, so start suppressing your unengaged subscribers. Your data will thank you for it!

  17. Track email stats

  18. The most important thing you can do in 2018 to help improve your email marketing campaigns is to track, track, track! All the work you’re doing to get opens and engagement is great, but the true value comes when you know how well all your efforts are working.  With the information you gather, you can make your campaigns more efficient and continue to improve the performance. With these tips, you can be ready for 2018 and all the opportunities that come with it.  

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