• How to Take Advantage of Your Off-Season

    Alex Pettus  •  October 27, 2017

For golf course owners in cooler climates, the approaching off-season comes with some different and difficult challenges than the rest of the year. With tee time bookings slowing or even completely done till next season, you’ll probably be looking for way to continue to generate revenue. This is when truly successful owners can distinguish themselves from the competition.

The off-season is the perfect time to make use of some of your alternative revenue sources and to update your marketing strategies in perpetrating for next season. Here are a few ways you can take better advantage of your off-season time:

Promote Your Event Venue

Golf courses can provide an incredible venue for many non-golf related events. The big hitters here are renting any venue space or the club house for large parties, meetings or weddings. These are viable for some during normal operating months, however the off-season is the time to start or step up your game. People tend to steer clear of golf courses in the off-season so you need to come up with reasons for them to come and spend money. If you can’t get the big weddings and birthdays, office holiday parties always need local venues and community events like bake or craft sales can draw people to what would otherwise be an empty, unused space.

Push Your Newsletter

Your off-season is the time to really bring your newsletter into focus. Though social media has become a popular medium to stay connected with customer, your e-newsletters can still be one of your most effective means of communication. Depending on what information you’ve collected from members and customers, you might have a nice list of emails to work with. If not, now is the perfect time to start building one while you have the time to do so. If you’ve got an e-news list already developed, offer off-season specials to subscribers. These people signed up for golf course related news, so make sure your messaging stays on target. If you’re working to create a list of consumer contacts, try a special sign-up deal they can use when the course is playable again if they join now.

Off-Season Lessons

Keeping your members and regular customers engaged when the weather isn't cooperative can be a challenge. One option you may want to consider is to begin offering, or continue offering golf lessons during your off-season. Many golfers used the winter months as an opportunity to improve their swings when they can’t use the range or course. Offering a few classes on swing mechanics and fitness tips is a great way to entice golfers to come during the off-season. If you have teachers on retainer, offering a weekly or monthly clinic on putting, short chipping or swing form would also be an excellent way to draw in golfers looking to stay in playing shape. You could even take things a step further and invest in a simulator to draw interest when there's snow on the ground.

Invest in Remarketing / New Ads

If you aren’t already investing in Remarketing ads for your course, now is the perfect time to start. While you work on your budget for next season, find some dollars to allocate towards a digital remarketing campaign. These ads serve to target people who visit your website, or who have already expressed interest in your products or services. These advertisements are particularly cost-effective and an easy way to generate conversions outside of tee times. If you have already been running remarketing ads, take the time to update your messaging to relate to your other off-season products and services, like gift cards, your event venue, or F & B. Keeping your ad images and messages fresh and relevant is simple and can have a big impact on how your ads register with consumers.

These are just a few options you may want to explore when considering what to do during your slow season. Just because your golf course is closed doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of your event space, your time, and the off-season needs of your regular players. A little out-of-the-box thinking can open your business to many possibilities and can extend your revenue options to a year-round opportunity. As always, 1-2-1 Marketing is here to provide advice and assistance with all your off-season golf course marketing needs. 

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