• How Humor Can Save Your Social Media Efforts

    Kierstyn Howell  •  July 20, 2017

We have all been taught that humor is the best medicine and luckily we have the luxury of this amusement at our fingertips. Social media is the most viewed outlet to relieve emotion as well as express it, which is why the all mighty trend the meme came about. In the world of social media platforms there is no rule book on how you need to act or what you should say. It is a free roaming space to express the nature of you or your company. As much as every business attempts to maintain a professional, clean-cut image… the truth is your followers need more than that. Being well humored, sarcastic, weird and random can be much more effective than posting stiff, buttoned-up posts to your social media accounts. Come alive and be the odd-ball that has everyone buzzing and sharing about to all their friends. But what can humor do for your company?

Humor attracts an audience.

Whether you have 5 followers or 500, people tend to gravitate towards uplifting news. Posting serious content has the tendency to steer people clear of the “like” or “share” buttons. Keep in mind your followers don’t have interest in your day to day activities, but they do care about why those activities should make them laugh. Statistics prove that 49% of social media users are more likely to share “funny” posts rather than the “important” ones. Share-ability should be a goal your business strives to accomplish while on social media to increase brand recognition.

Humor makes your business more approachable.

Nothing says “I understand you” more than a joke that can get you laughing from the deepest pit of your stomach. Or in this case another one of those memes to get you going. Being in the public eye as a successful business has its benefits along with the weight of the intimidation factor. If you can be the one to push the boundaries in a correct manner with you followers, you will automatically gain their interest on a personal level.

Humor makes your content memorable.

Everyone remembers the funny guy. In the reality of social media, most people follow businesses because they post chuckle-worthy content. You are always going to recall the post that filled you with a heap of emotion (mostly laughter), not the post that was cookie-cutter ordinary. Strive for the long-term memorable relationship your followers will connect to.

So, let loose to the idea that not every business has to uphold a serious image in all aspects of its life. When it comes to posting comedic innuendos remember your businesses’ social media strategy that will really connect to your audience. Give them something you know they will appreciate with a side of “LOL”. Laughter is social and so is your business…time to bring out your inner comedian!

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