• Finding New Customers with Google AdWords

    Kent Ashby  •  July 20, 2017

When brainstorming your company’s marketing strategy, one of the first things to come to mind is an AdWords campaign. Google AdWords allows your golf course to create advertisements to display across Google and its surrounding network. With this program, setting a budget is crucial, as you pay for each ad click that is made by online users. The luxury of reaching a large audience is the scale of exposure your golf course will get, BUT you want your ad campaigns to be reaching the appropriate target market to ensure your budget is put towards a positive ROI.

To narrow your potential customer base, Google AdWords has options to specify zip codes, cities, towns and neighborhoods to market to. This way you are not only reaching golfers, but golfers in the geographic areas that you feel are more likely to play your golf course. Otherwise known as geotargeting.

Why is Geotargeting is so important?

  • There is no need to have your ad campaigns state-wide, or even county-wide in some cases. Keep your targeting as specific as possible.
    • Who do you want to view your course?
    • What is your ideal target market?
    • What neighborhoods are more likely to play at your golf course?
  • Costs are allocated to the right areas. Having broad geotargeting can cauase your AdWords campaign to spend unnecessary amounts of money to acquire new cutsomers. Depending on the rates of your golf course, you might want to only target affluent neighborhoods nearby. The cost effectiveness of targeting a specific geolocation will keep costs lower and increase the likeliness of an ad click converting into a paying customer.
  • Collect data on how certain neighborhoods respond to your advertisements. You can improve the efficiency of your AdWords campaigns, when you have data that shows you which areas are responding to the ads more often.
  • You can find new customers in the areas that you are currently under-serving. A lot of our customers will use Google AdWords to target people in areas that they believe they should be getting more play from.

With the geotargeting features mentioned above, golf courses can target areas that they are not currently pulling golfers from. Maybe it’s a nearby Metro area or a wealthy market 10 miles from the course that you feel you are missing out on. On the other hand, you may want to reach surrounding golf communities who look for a new and exciting course to play. Google AdWords has implemented such features to cater to local businesses that have tight marketing budgets and need every penny to count.

If you feel buying email lists, mailing flyers, and expensive billboards aren’t getting the volume of golfers you wished, Google AdWords is your answer. With Google AdWords, you may target a city, a suburb, or even just a portion of a small town to gain the business you have been failing to establish. Once again, you pay per click (PPC), not per view of the ad, so only users that are interested enough in your golf course will be costing you money. The best part, is that it’s all 100% trackable, meaning you’ll know your exact ROI and whether these campaigns are working in your favor.

Google AdWords is a great tool to advertising your business and target exclusive areas to gain new business. By leveraging geotargeting, you will bring in more new customers and maintain a cost-effective marketing investment. New customers can be found just one town away, so bring them to your golf course today!

1-2-1 Marketing provides Google AdWords Management to businesses in the golf industry, including country clubs, golf courses, instructors, and more. If you feel that your golf facility could benefit from a Search Engine Marketing campaign, shoot me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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