• Increasing Social Media Engagement with Personalization

    Kierstyn Howell  •  July 20, 2017

Social media has been changing the name of the game for quite some time now. It is no longer solely a spot for teenagers to post pictures with their friends, or for mothers to share their new “homemade” recipe that day. It has now become a way for companies to advertise and engage with targeted customers. The ever-changing ethos of social media marketing has provided more opportunities for businesses to reach potential customers, but to achieve this you must recognize that personalization is key while creating your posts.

Here, we will discuss three different ways to construct a post that will grab your audience’s attention and increase the recognition of your company by doing so.  When personalizing your piece of social media marketing you are in-charge, and here is how you will take hold of the wheel:

  1. Get to Know Your Customers

  2. Every post, every blog, and every advertisement has to catch the attention of the customer by providing relevant information that will grab their glance.  You want to make them engage in that specific post.  The number one way you can do this is by learning what those customers want, like, and need. 

    For instance, the weekend is approaching and the majority of your company’s customers love to tee off on Saturday mornings.  By creating a post that includes a weekend golf special or tips on “How-to Have Your Best Round of Golf This Weekend,” it will then catch the reader’s eye and establish their interest to not only view that post, but interact with your page. Knowing the keywords and topics that interest your core audience will help you post more engaging content, which ultimately leads to more exposure. 

    Facebook now offers the use of Custom Audiences. This feature allows you to categorize your followers by interests, age, gender, and hundreds of other demographics. Think of it like segmenting an email database. Using Facebook Custom Audiences has proven to increase engagement, since you can serve hyper-targeted content to specific groups of people. Imagine you operated a facility that has a golf course, a restaurant and a wedding venue all under one roof. Chances are the golfers following you aren’t going to want to see posts about your breathtaking reception hall, and brides-to-be won’t be interested in tips to improve their back swing. However, both groups of people can appreciate posts promoting the restaurant. Custom Audiences on Facebook let you place likeminded people into groups that will only see posts that pertain to their interests.

  3. Select a Time Frame

  4. After getting to know your customers, you have a better idea of what their schedules may consist of.  Are they mostly adults who have a full time job or students who have class all day and stay up late?  Knowing this will give you an advantage on when to schedule your posts. 

    The time frame that you choose can lock in more viewers, creating a larger audience.  The more people you are able to reach the better.  You want to establish a consistency, so that your customers know when and where your posts will be released, TIMING IS EVERYTHING!  There is nothing worse than putting together a post that you are proud of and it goes to waste because not many customers were available to view it.  There is a science to getting social media to work in your favor, but you have all the control.

    The best times to post vary for each business, due to different target demographics. However, a good rule of thumb is to schedule posts around lunch time or just after dinner. This is when the majority of people sneak in their social media time for the day.

  5. Give Your Customers a Visual Experience

  6. Marketing is all about reaching your customers on a creative level that will get them to look in your direction and continue to give you their attention.  The beauty of social media is the unlimited amount of ways you can express your message.  This includes attaching an image or video to your posts that draws in your viewers. 

    Personalize an image that represents your company and what your post is attempting to define.  ALWAYS include a picture, a video, or any visual element that your customers can tie to your message.  The first feature of a post that grabs the attention of followers is the image or video thumbnail. This is what gives the reader the chance to connect your words on the page to a visual representation.  By providing this experience, you will give your customers a better understanding of what you are attempting to portray.

    Social Media Marketing is a huge way to become involved with your customers on a deeper level.  You will now understand how to put together the appropriate social media post by knowing who your customers are, when the right time is to approach them is, and what will get them to stay engaged.  By applying these three steps towards your social media marketing strategy, you will be surprised how simple it is to achieve that hole in one you’ve been looking for.

121 Marketing is a digital marketing agency for the golf industry that specializes social media management, search engine marketing, email marketiing, and more. If you feel your golf facility could benefit from a digital marketing strategy, contact our Director of Digital Marketing at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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