• How Golf Courses Can Use Instagram to Target Younger Audiences

    Kierstyn Howell  •  July 20, 2017

A picture is worth a thousand words, and in today’s world of social media that is all it takes to become recognized. On your course's website, you have galleries and rotating albums of the beauty of each green. With all the hard work and maintenance your team provides, you want to show off your pride and joy; your golf course.  What better way to show case your business than through one of the most thriving social media platforms called Instagram.

The unlimited number of pictures, live streaming and hashtags brings to light the popularity of this 600 million active-user social media platform. If you want some advice on how to reach the biggest millennial audience…become a part of the largest photo album available. Over 59% of Instagram users are between the ages of 18-29 years of age and targeting a younger audience in the golf world is crucial. The rising trend of younger golfers, as well as PGA professionals such as Rickie Fowler and Jordan Spieth thriving in the limelight, contribute to this.

How to use Instagram

Implementing this visual marketing technique is very simple and effective. Before actually creating your business’ account you want to strategize a plan to keep your account consistent…

Step 1: Research some filters that Instagram offers and pick one or two to place on each photo that would create a theme for your account. On the other hand, it is also acceptable to go without a filter. Bottom line, you want to create an image for your business on Instagram.

Step 2: Next, start by signing up and choosing account names that match your course exactly. As fun as it is to choose a name that’s a “play on words” keep that for your captions. You want your customers to be able to find you easily, do not make them search far and wide!

Step 3: Come up with a way to introduce what your business is all about. Make sure to keep this under 3 sentences long, because, remember, it's all about the photos! You can place this information in the account “bio” section that is located on the top under your Instagram name.

Step 4: Since you are trying to reach a large audience, make sure to place your Instagram account on the “public” setting. This way people can view your material across this social media platform.

Step 5: You are officially on Instagram! You are now able to post, stream, and follow with your discretion. Anything that you will need to navigate through your account will be located on the bottom; a house, magnifying glass, plus sign, heart, and user icon.

  • House: Homepage
  • Magnifying Glass: your search page to look through people and trends
  • Plus sign: this is where you will post your photos and videos.
  • Heart: your notifications (likes and comments from your followers).
  • User: your home page where you can find all your Instagram posts.

How to get their attention

You have free promotion at your fingertips, so use it to your advantage. The younger audience that makes up your Instagram account following want to see posts that are exciting and relevant to their lives. Show them why they should be following you. On your course, there are many things that will grab the attention through a picture or video, so be authentic and humorous. This is a place to show the personality of your business!

Here are a few examples of how to grab their attention with just one post:

  • Photos and videos of your greens (this shows off your courses beauty)
  • Contests or promotional flyers
  • Your clubhouse's food and beverages
  • Any exciting news going on in the professional golf world
  • Golf memes

There are so many different possible posts and captions you can include, but make it your own and don’t forget your hashtags. Instagram gives you a chance to bring out your creative side to connect with your followers. The more entertaining and chuckle-worthy your posts are the better. Remember, you are reaching out to a young audience that look for any excuse for a laugh or chance to share information.

Instagram has been proven to grow by the day, reaching more and more social media users. By extending across all social media platforms you are allowing your business to reach a new audience. Reaching followers of the younger generation is your ticket to success. So, start filtering your images, snapping your phone away, and hashtaging #golflife…welcome to Instagram!

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