• Facebook Offering Free Bluetooth Beacons to Golf Courses

    Kent Ashby  •  February 15, 2016

Facebook is offering beacons to local businesses, including golf facilities. So what exactly does this mean? What is a beacon? How does it help golf courses? How do you sign-up? We’ll cover everything you need to know in this blog.

What is a beacon and how is it used?

A beacon is a small piece of equipment that emits a Bluetooth signal to mobile devices. When the beacon links with devices, the beacon can then communicate by pushing messages, data, and other bits of information to nearby smart phones. Beacon technology is used by restaurants, retail stores, and other local companies to communicate with people walking by their business. Beacon notifications are often used to promote sales, events, and contests.

The beacons provided by Facebook are designed for one-way communication (beacon to mobile device). They send notifications to the Facebook App, which is the most downloaded app in the world. Once a customer gets within a 100 feet of the beacon and has the Facebook App downloaded to their Bluetooth enabled device, they will receive a notification of your choosing. The Facebook beacons can be used to:

  • Welcome visitors to your business
  • Show place “tips” about the business
  • Prompt users to “like” your page
  • See posts from your page (specials, events, etc.)
  • See if friends recommend your business

How does it help golf courses?

These beacons allow businesses to promote social media engagement in a way that wasn’t previously possible. Encouraging customers to like, post, and share their experience with your golf facility will boost your organic Facebook reach. For golf courses, it could easily be used to promote specials in the golf shop or increase food and beverage orders if used properly.

Facebook is continually updating the features and potential uses of these beacons. Facebook’s beacon technology is likely to evolve rapidly as more and more businesses use them. It’s already rumored that Facebook is working on an expansion of their ad platform to be used in conjunction with their beacons.

How do you sign-up?

Facebook beacons are getting rolled out very slowly. If you would like a Facebook beacon for your golf facility, we suggest getting your name in as quickly as possible. Click here to read more and request your beacon today

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