• How do Customers Purchase Online? Some Google Facts

    Aaron Dyer  •  May 23, 2013

Understanding how customers interact on your website is a crucial part of design.  Last week we talked about overall design and how people interact visually to the layout and placement of content and ads.

Google is the king of data and is the best source for learning about customer habits and the effectiveness of online marketing strategies.

Marketing channels are defined by Google as "...email, display ads, paid search ads, social media, and direct visits to your website..".
Source: Google | Think Insights

The data and search giant provides a very helpful tool to learn about how these marketing channels lead to conversions (purchases - ie: tee times).

They breakdown these marketing channels into (2) categories: 

ASSISTING: channels build awareness, consideration, and intent earlier in the customer path or “purchase funnel.”

LAST INTERACTION: channels act as the last point of contact prior to a purchase.

Source: Google | Think Insights

Generally speaking, higher value purchases require more steps to complete including research, while lower value purchases generally move quickly.

So, the next question is?  How long does it take for your customers to complete a transaction online?  How many steps do they have to take?  I recently researched a club during their decision process of choosing a website provider and the "path to a transaction" from their website was a major factor.  They wanted their members and customers to quickly and painlessly find and book tee times or register for other club events.

How many times have your returned to a website because you enjoy using it. It's easy to navigate and get to your objective.

If you would like us to take look at your user experience, marketing channels, and converstion strategies, we are here to help.  Contact Us today and learn more about our world-class technology with $0 in switching costs.  We also lower our customers overall expense by almost 50% on average. 

Is your website built to perform?

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