• How to Attract Large Group Outings to your Golf Course

    Kent Ashby  •  October 7, 2015

Golf outings are a great way for golf courses to grow their annual revenue. They bring in large returns while providing more exposure for the course. Events and outings are also a prime opportunity to sell golf lessons, memberships, and items from the shop.

However, most golf facilities don’t actively promote golf outings and events. While there are local businesses and charities that will seek out your golf course, there are many others that will not. By making an effort to bring golf outings to your course, you are essentially going after the “low-hanging fruit” of the golf industry, as most facilities focus on individual tee time sales. The question is: how do you attract large groups to your golf course?

Give Them What They Want

Large groups have special needs. Maybe they need food to be catered and a large indoor space. Maybe they’re large enough to rent out the entire facility. Though every group will be different, it’s important to make as many accommodations as reasonably possible. The organizers of these large events want to find a golf facility that is easy to work with.

It’s apparent that your facility might have some limitations on what you can and cannot provide for each group, but do your best to be as cooperative as you can. Help the organizers throughout the planning process and come up with some fun ideas for the event. They’ll appreciate the feedback. The more pleasant the experience, the more likely the group will be to come back in the future.

Put a Package Together

If your golf course doesn’t have one already, make sure you have a pre-made package that is available upon request for group outings. When asked about group golf events, you should have a premeditated answer explaining the features and benefits your facility provides. Make sure your package is somewhat flexible to fit different group sizes, outside vendor needs, and any other variables that may arise.

Every golf course will have different needs and preferences on pricing. Pricing structures should be aligned to fit the facility’s needs while remaining appealing to potential customers. You can either set the price of the outing by group size (Pay Per Golfer) or based on the resources needed to put on the event. A set price is typically easier for the purchasing party, as they may not know attendance numbers until just before the event.

Promote Your Offering

Once you have a plan and package put together, it’s time to take it to market. Don’t wait for the group to come to you, go to them! Promote golf outings on social media, emails, on your website, and on search engines. Just like you push tee time sales on a regular basis, make sure your golf event packages get their fair share of the limelight.

Also, make sure the inquiries you receive about golf outings are taken care of promptly. Chances are, if someone is talking to your course, they are getting quotes from many others in the area as well. A quick response and attentiveness are very helpful in securing a deal.


It’s time for golf facilities to quit leaving revenue on the table and we believe promoting golf outings more actively is a great place to start. Remember that hosting golf outings do much more than just bring in revenue. They bring new potential customers that, when partnered with a good first impression, could turn into lifetime customers. If you would like to start promoting or enhance your golf outing marketing effort, give 1-2-1 a call at (407) 395-4701 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and get started today!  

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