• Why Tracking your Phone Calls Will Help Generate More Revenue for Your Golf Course

    Kent Ashby  •  November 9, 2015

How do your customers find your phone number? For most businesses the answer is "I'm not sure". Many businesses don’t record their phone calls, and if they do, they don’t know the source of which the phone call came from. By making this data available, you are able to make educated marketing decisions, better serve your customers, and generate more revenue.

The Importance of Recording Phone Calls

For most golf courses, almost every interaction with a potential customer is had over the phone. The initial phone call is where you and your employees can “make or break” the relationship with the customer. Recording these phone calls can help improve customer interactions in a number of ways.

Training Employees

Recorded phone calls are great for training employees. It can provide good and bad examples of phone etiquette that employees can gauge themselves on. Recording phone calls also keeps your employees accountable and encouraged to handle every call with care. Managers and Directors can use these recordings to improve phone call procedures and customer satisfaction.

Find Out What Your Customers Are Asking

Call recordings also help you determine what questions and concerns are popular amongst customers. This way, you can edit your website, email campaign, or social media to answer questions proactively. Chances are, if a few people are calling about it, many others are thinking it.

Improve Call Prompts

By listening to these phone calls, you can improve what call prompts you have available to your customers. Maybe there is a certain person that gets requested more than others, or you have too many options to choose from, causing confusion. You can use call recordings to manage these prompts in the most refined way possible.

Use Them as Reminders

Ever take a phone call, then forget about it 5 minutes later? Call recordings are great for reminding yourself of actionable items that take place during a call. You can reference them at any time, which is great for busy golf professionals and operations staff.

Just Recording Calls Isn’t Enough

While having your calls recorded is useful, knowing where your phone calls came from is even more important. 1-2-1 Marketing has the capabilities of tracking the sources of phone calls, so you know exactly how the customer found your number. Whether you’re running adverts online or have a billboard on the side of the road, we have the technology to track where every call derived from.

The ability to track the source of phone calls has allowed businesses to see how effective certain marketing channels are and if they are receiving a positive return on investment. Without call tracking, the best you can do is guess. When you’re spending thousands of dollars a year on a variety of marketing efforts, not knowing is simply not an option. 1-2-1 Marketing can implement call tracking and report what phone calls came from your website, email, social media, flyer, or any other form of marketing. We can even track what keyword was used on google before the call took place.

As you can see, this is a very powerful tool for golf facilities and it produces invaluable data. Data that you can use to train employees, improve customer satisfaction, and create a more effective marketing campaign. If phone call tracking is something you would find valuable to your golf course marketing plan, give 1-2-1 Marketing a call at (407) 395-4701 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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