• The 1-2-1 Marketing Difference

    Aaron Dyer  •  August 11, 2014

A summary of 1-2-1 Marketing’s competitive advantage & value proposition

1-2-1 Marketing is strictly focused on providing the best website and email marketing solutions in the golf industry.   Our customers are golf facilities who want the latest technology and design features for their website and email marketing solutions, not a second-rate website “included” with the POS or Tee Sheet.  Our customers can use whomever they wish for POS or Tee Sheet without sacrificing a world-class website and email marketing solution.

A majority of our competitors are focused on providing POS and Tee Sheet solutions and the website and email marketing is “thrown in” to get the POS or Tee Sheet contract.  Many of them also own 3rd Party Tee Time Booking Engines that directly compete with golf courses.  This results in very poor website design, structure, search engine optimization (SEO), editing, and publishing performance.  This is not surprising since these companies only make money if customers book their bartered tee times via their online portal – not the club’s website. 

Why choose us over our competitors?

  1. We are experts in building cutting-edge customer converting websites. 
  2. Outstanding Customer Support 7 Days/ week from 7am-7pm CST – No Outsourced Call Centers.  We get to know you on a “First Name” basis.
  3. We don’t compete with you.  Your database is safe with 24/7 secure access to import/export to a CSV file.
  4. Flexibility to work with any POS or Tee Sheet Provider without giving up technology.
  5. Search Engine Optimization Tools including custom URLs, Metadata, & Google Analytics
  6. 100% Responsive (Mobile) Designs for Phones, Tablets, and PCs
  7. Did we mention that our designs and graphics are world-class?  (see our Gallery)

Here are some more benefits of 1-2-1 Marketing Solutions that differentiate us from our competitors. 

  1. Graphic Design = Conversions

Websites must be designed to capture data and convert visitors into customers.  This is accomplished by graphic design, good SEO structure, tempting “calls to action”, and a fun user experience.  Our websites are designed by talented graphic artists and developers who work directly with our clients during the development process to ensure unique “calls to action” designed to generate conversions (revenue).   We also provide website designs that brand our customers rather than using the same cookie-cutter design over and over again.   We don’t try to fit a square peg into a round hole.  You get a design that fits your branding and business model. 

  1. Cutting Edge Technology

1-2-1 Marketing uses one of the top open source CMS technologies on the planet along with the most modern and flexible coding languages.  Open source technologies and coding languages are constantly being improved and enhanced by developers across the globe so your 1-2-1 Marketing website is always running the latest versions.  No more waiting on your website company to invest in updating their technology. 

Why is that important? 

Security:  New viruses and threats are constantly being created to compromise a website’s security and add hidden domains and bugs.   Our software ensures that your website is always running the latest versions with updates designed to protect your sensitive data and integrity.

SEO:  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices are constantly adapting to new requirements and formulas (algorithms) as determined by major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.   Our software will always provide you the ability to run the latest SEO practices for your website ensuring you can compete in your market via the web.

Compatibility:  Browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox constantly update their applications and having a website that is always compatible is essential to ensuring your customers can find you and view the website in the proper format, not to mention ensuring that other components like data capture forms, event calendars, tee time modules, and ecommerce solutions function properly.

  1. Customer Service & Support

Our customers rave about our service and support.  We provide 7-day live support from 7am – 7pm (CST).  Our customers speak directly with the technicians who service the support department and maintain the software, so they can quickly resolve any issues or questions.  You talk directly to us and get lightning fast response time.  No outsourced “Call Centers” for customer service.  We get to know you on a “First Name” basis. 

  1. Content Management System (CMS)

Our CMS is cutting edge and allows our customers to edit the website from the back-end AND front-end.  Adding photos, video, text, and other updates couldn’t be easier even for the most “technically-challenged” users.  If you can send an email, you can use our website and email marketing solutions.  A majority of our competitors do not offer the option to edit from the front-end. 

  1. Email Marketing Software, Technology, & Branding

1-2-1 Email Marketing Software ensures the latest technology, deliverability, legal compliance, ease-of-use, and powerful branding.  

Deliverability & Server Technology

10 levels of infrastructure to keep up with harsh SPAM regulations and ISP guidelines

We consistently maintain scores of 95 out of 100 or higher with Return Path (the most respected independent email rating company) ranking us among the top 99% of email senders.   Our email software also includes a SPAM checker allowing you to remove text which could get the attention of spam blockers.

Data Capture & Management

Our world-class solution allows unlimited fields, contact forms, lists, and segments allowing you to drill-down and do serious target marketing. 

Branding & Formatting

We also ensure branding by delivering your email campaigns from your designated email address, not ours.  Many of our competitors can’t say the same.  We also create custom branded templates so you facility is uniquely branded and we do NOT include our logo at the bottom of the mail.   The format of the email is HTML, Text, Both and Mobile!

Auto-Responders & Triggers

Our email marketing software also includes cutting-edge campaign management tools allowing you to set triggers and auto-responders which reduces the workload tremendously.  When a customer or prospect clicks a link or fills out a form, they can automatically receive a response or campaign.   It’s a great way to send out holiday or birthday promotions using date-based triggers.

  1. Affordable Pricing & No Long-Term Commitments

Our success depends on consistent performance and customer satisfaction.  We don’t exchange our solutions for tee times, nor do we require long-term contracts and yet we continue to grow using a monthly cash-for-service model.  Why?  We exceed expectations, our customers love the technology, and our pricing is the most affordable in our industry. 

  1. Reputation

1-2-1 Marketing is highly regarded by many organizations and industry leaders for providing a great product and service.   If you search the internet using Google for “1-2-1 Marketing Golf” you won’t find negative reviews.  The same cannot be said for a few of our competitors. 

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