• 5 Strategies for Maximizing the ROI of your Golf Course Website

    Aaron Dyer  •  July 19, 2014

Is your golf course's website maximized for success? We all know that the website is a must because Google is like the new Yellow Pages, but many facilities are missing the chance to maximize the ROI. Do you want to turn your website into a quantifiable revenue generator? Here are 5 strategies for getting there:

1. Calls to Action

Take a good look at your business and identify the 3 most important revenues sources for your facility. These three items should be prominently displayed above the fold of your website at all times. I shouldn’t have to search for the Tee Time button or to inquire about membership.

2. Funnel Path

The idea is to get your visitors to quickly arrive at the location on your site to take action (fill out a form, book a tee time). You should also strategically design the journey (funnel path) so you can see how they arrived. Where did they come from? Did they search for you on Google? Did they find you via another referral source? Did they see you on a social media channel?

3. Tracking

Number 2 was a good Segway into number 3. You must be able to track the acquisition or loss of the visitor to properly modify your strategies. If visitors keep dropping off the site on a certain page, then there is obviously something wrong and adjustments to the content must be made. How much time are visitors spending on the website? How many pages are they viewing? How did they get to my tee time or membership page?

4. Follow-Up

Creating calls to action and carefully designing and modifying your website to create conversions (tee times, contact form submissions) will help grow your database. Using email marketing tools with triggers and auto-responders ensures that new customers are added to your database and automatically included in targeted follow up campaigns. The follow up happens automatically.

5. Face-to-Face Growth Programs

Owning your own email database of customers who visited your facility is a priceless marketing tool. These are customers who already know you and a majority will want to receive promotions and news from your facility. Growing this database is essential and facilities should have a strategy in place for capturing customer data where interactions take place face-to-face (e.g. pro shop, restaurant, starter). Facilities can offer a discount on the next visit, a fountain drink, or a bucket of balls in exchange for joining the email club. Be sure to send the voucher via email so you can validate the address.

1-2-1- Marketing provides all the tools you need to meet these 5 crucial website marketing practices for realizing an ROI. We can help you execute, measure, and adjust. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today to learn more about our world-class website and email marketing technology.


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