• Why I Scrapped My Initial 'Fall Golf' Blog and Wrote This Instead

    Mike Riggs  •  September 29, 2021

First, the blog was a mess of excuses for potentially lower sales volumes in the fall. Second, it included marketing suggestions that were obvious to even the newest of golf's managers, professionals, and operators.

We all know why the fall golf season can be tough (employees back to school, it's football season, unpredictable weather, etc.) AND many of you already know what promotions work best for you this time of year.

There’s no point in wasting your time stating the obvious so here's WHY I wrote this instead:

Most promotions that fail do so not because they were bad ideas, not thought through, or not deeply discounted.

Failure is usually due to a lack of resources at hand and not having the time required to complete the following 3 tasks. These tasks are critical to a campaign's success and sometimes these tasks require special image editing, delivery, and/or reporting software, but they ALWAYS require time. And time is what you may not have in the fall, especially if you're short-staffed.

1. Design

Your social media posts, HTML emails, printable flyers, and countersigns always need to look professional. If you don’t have image editing software or are uncomfortable using what you have, use CampaignPilot completely free and/or ask about our BRANDED design service.

2. Delivery and Execution

Distribute your message to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business, your App, your company website, and your email database component. Also, be sure every campaign has a dedicated conversion-driven web page to manage your promotion’s forms, product listings, or event registrations. Whew, that’s a lot, but CampaignPilot can help you execute this as well.

3. Reporting

Be sure you are getting automated notifications that alert you to every sale or generated lead, and that you have a detailed performance report to review impressions and clicks across your various online channels. If this is something you don’t have access to at the moment, it is also available to you, free, on CampaignPilot.

If this is the assistance you know you need, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can schedule a call and discuss.

Then together with CampaignPilot, our team can help relieve you of the stress and burden of these tasks, take your sales ideas and promotions to the next level, and help you create something you and your team will be proud to see on social media, your website, in an email blast, or wherever, each and every time.

All the best,

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