• 6 Tips to Help Your “Now Hiring” Efforts

    Kent Ashby  •  August 25, 2021

If you operate a golf course in 2021, chances are you’re probably short-staffed. You’re not alone. Most golf facilities are in the same boat. The truth of the matter is that it’s not just us. We’re competing with other industries for the same talent pool. That said, do you know what steps you should be taking to attract more employees? In this article, we’ll go over the “now hiring” checklist that you can follow to ensure you’re maximizing your recruiting potential.

1. Ask Your Current Team

Happy employees are the best recruiters. Don’t overlook your staff when it comes to hiring new talent. Also, make it easy for them to share the details of the positions you’re trying to fill by giving them flyers, an email, or something they can easily share with interested parties.

It’s also never a bad idea to provide incentives to employees for bringing new hires. Throwing your staff a small bonus or gift for their recruiting assistance is something many businesses have implemented, particularly when there’s a staffing shortage.

2. Leverage Your Customer Email List

Your customer database is one of the most powerful recruiting tools that you have access to. Since your email list contains thousands of golfers that are already familiar with your business, it really is the low hanging fruit. Chances are there are plenty of people in your customer database that would love to have the chance to work for you, especially if golfing privileges are provided!

3. Post Flyers Around The Clubhouse

This goes hand-in-hand with #2 on this list. The golfers that visit your facility are likely prime candidates for employees, or at least know someone that would be a good fit. If you're serious about getting more applicants this year, make sure you have signage all over the clubhouse and cart signs, with current openings listed. This will help get applicants from those who already know and love your business.

Our free marketing tool, CampaignPilot, is a great way to quickly create these flyers, as well as get your “now hiring” messages out to the masses. Check it out today at www.campaignpilot.com.

4. Post Job Openings to Facebook

Many of you know first-hand what a great marketing tool Facebook can be for businesses, and hiring is no exception. Make sure to post your job openings to Facebook and share them with your followers. Similar to flyers in the clubhouse, this can help get more applications from those who are already familiar with your business and its offerings. It’s also 100% free and only takes a minute to publish. Another nice feature is that Facebook allows you to ask screening questions, as well as accept applications directly from Facebook.

You may also want to consider “boosting” your job listings to help spread the word to those who don’t follow your Facebook page. While boosting your job listings does take some funding, we generally recommend $50-100 per job listing, which typically does the trick.

5. Take Advantage of a Free Job Posting to Indeed

Indeed is one of the largest job sites in the world, yet still offers the ability to post free job listings. While Indeed also offers paid listings, their free job postings get thousands of views each month and can help expand the reach of your business’s openings at no extra charge. Their paid listings are also quite affordable, especially compared to the astronomical fees that LinkedIn tries to get.

6. Create a Careers Section on Your Website

Adding a “careers” or “employment” page to your website is a great way to get ongoing applications, even when not actively promoting any open positions. The main benefit is that you give people a resource to learn more about the open positions you have available, and also a way to contact management if they’re interested in learning more. This helps build a contact list of potential employees, which can be great when it becomes time to hire more people.

At the end of the day, we’re faced with an uphill battle right now when it comes to finding employees and staffing for one of the busiest golf seasons ever. That said, good employees are still out there, they’re just a little harder to find! Following these 6 tips will help you receive more applications for the open positions that you’re trying to fill.


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