• 4 Useful Tips for Encouraging Subscribers to Open Emails

    Aaron Dyer  •  April 17, 2013

 Using email marketing successfully can pay big dividends for your golf course and the cost of using this advertising medium is very low. Good email marketing develops a loyal following for your facility and generates measurable results. 

The fundamental requirement for successful email marketing is getting your subscribers to open the message, then providing them a reason to continue opening your messages.

Here are 4 useful tips for encouraging your subscribers to open emails:

1. Solutions.

Would you be more likely to open an email if you think there is information that can help you solve a problem? Maybe you include swing tips or other advice. You can include an excerpt from your website’s blog and encourage the subscriber to click through to the blog. You can even include a link to book a lesson.

2. Saving Money.

Enticing them with discounts is very effective. If your subscribers know that you’ll include offers only available via your newsletter, they will make sure to open it.

3. Educate Them.

Including useful information which can help your customers get smarter is a good idea. You may include some important tips for health and wellness including fitness or healthy eating. You can also include some important information about trends and articles about equipment materials, design, fitting, repair, etc.

4. Entertainment.

Everybody enjoys a good story or video. You can quickly find funny and interesting videos on YouTube to share with your customers. Maybe you include some interesting stories from online magazines or some stories about the club’s members, history, etc.
You can develop an email marketing program that provides solutions, offers incentives, educates, and entertains synced with your website to encourage traffic and interaction.

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