• WEBINAR: Benefits of the Gallus Golf/CampaignPilot integration

    Kent Ashby  •  June 7, 2021

The team over at Gallus invited us on their Pro Tip Webinar Series to discuss CampaignPilot's integration with Gallus Golf and how you can use the two together to improve your marketing efforts. During this webinar, we talk about the various benefits of using these two pieces of software together, including saving time, which we could all use more of!

If your club is already a customer of Gallus Golf and uses CampaignPilot, give us a call at 407-395-4701 or email support@1-2-1marketing and we'll happily assist you in setting up the features highlighted in this webinar.

To learn more about Gallus Golf and their custom golf course apps, visit https://www.gallusgolf.com/

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