• 5 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Engagement

    Tara Cunningham  •  May 3, 2021

Have you noticed that some posts garner tons of engagement while others barely get a 'thumbs up'? Read up on our tips to help improve your posts and social media presence!

Use Your Own Photos:

We've all used stock photos in a pinch, but Marketing Experts have found that real photos can out-perform top stock images by up to 35%! Don't have a photographer handy? No problem. A newer smartphone will do the job, just make sure the photo is of good quality, not blurry and relevant to your post.

Ask Questions:

Invite your audience to voice their opinions and thoughts with a question or poll. Something as simple as "What's your favorite post-round pastime?" is likely to get a good response and may help you learn more about your customer's likes and dislikes.

Incentivize your Posts:

People like to play games and more importantly, they love to win them! This is also true when it comes to social media. Try posting a funny picture or a trivia question and give a small prize to whoever can come up with the best caption or first correct answer.

Focus more on your story and less on the 'Sell':

Of course, you want engagement to ultimately translate into more money for your business, but focusing only on profits can be a turn-off for your customers. Spend time sharing more personal stories about your business and the people who make it great! This helps to build a better digital bond between you and your customers.

Don't Limit Your Reach:

If you haven't logged into that Instagram account in a while, now is the time! Expand your social media reach by utilizing the different social media channels available. Using multiple channels will help you reach different demographics and help grow your base.

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