• Managing Your Google My Business Listing

    Alex Pettus  •  March 28, 2021

The Google My Business listing is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. To help customers find your business, and to tell them your story, you can verify your business and edit your business information. This listing can help get your business found in more local searches, rank higher than your competitors, and get chosen by more customers.

While easy to setup and use, it’s not something you can create and forget about. If you want to stay at the top of results, you need to optimize and maintain your listing, just as you would your website.

How do I list my business on Google in the first place?

In this post, I will review why you should keep your Google My Business listing up to date, when you should be updating it, and some simple instructions for claiming, updating, and editing.  Before we dive into managing your listing, let’s first make sure our listing is claimed. All of this is done through your Google My Business account.

Here’s how to create a Google listing, which you will need to claim before making any changes or updates.

For more detailed instructions on creating and claiming your Google business listing, head here.

  1. Create a Google account
  2. Search for your business on Google Maps
  3. If your business shows up, no action is needed, your listing has been created
  4. If your business does not show up, click Add a place
  5. Fill in your information and click Submit
  6. Check your email

How do I claim my Google listing?

As mentioned above, you need to claim your listing before you want to make edits, updates, or changes. Here’s how to claim your listing once it’s been created:

  1. Search for your business in Google Maps
  2. Select your business
  3. Select Claim this business
  4. If you created the listing, you can click Claim and get instant access to your profile
  5. If you did not create the listing, you will have to verify ownership through postcard, phone call, or email

How do I edit, update, and make changes to my Google business listing?

The sections below will go into more detail on specific edits and updates you may want to make, but most of them require the same initial steps. These include:

  1. Log into your Google My Business account (go to https://business.google.com/ and make sure you are logged into the Google account you created for your business).
  2. Select Info
  3. Select the section you want to edit
  4. Select the pencil icon to add or edit
  5. Make your edits
  6. Select Apply


While some of these updates will take effect immediately, others may take up to 60 days, especially if they involve removing information. Keep in mind that some of the information on your Google My Business listing cannot be edited, updated, or removed, as it comes from other sources.

Why update my Google business listing?

Staying updated and making changes to your listing are some of the essential Google My Business optimizations you can do to help boost your rankings in local search results. The more you interact and improve your listing, the more signals you send to Google that your listing is accurate and trustworthy. This tells Google to rank you higher on google maps and the local side of Google Search. In return, you will experience these benefits and more:

  • Get discovered
  • Further your reach
  • Drive leads
  • Attract customers
  • Improve your SEO
  • Boost exposure

When should I update my Google business listing?

There are many different reasons to update your listing, but here are some of the more important ones:

  • Business moving or relocation
  • Multiple business locations
  • Inaccurate business information
  • No website

You can also utilize posts for local businesses like a social media feed to create and share announcements, offers, new or popular items in stock, or event details directly with your customers. When customers have more access to your business information and updates, they can make better decisions as they browse. This allows you to:

  • Directly communicate with your local customers.
  • Improve your customer experience with timely information.
  • Promote your sales, specials, events, news, and offers.
  • Engage with your customers through videos and photos.

Unlike the days before the internet, your customers are not just driving by; they are actively searching for businesses online. They are on Google Maps and Google Search, searching for products and services near them and doing research to compare businesses. To get found by the people who have the intent to buy from you, you have got to update your Google listing. If this seems above your head or something you may need help with, 121 Marketing is here for you! As part of our marketing services, we will optimize and manage your Google My Business profile so you don’t have to. For more information on how we can help, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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