• 2020 Increase in Demand for Golf Ranked by State: Where Does Your Market Stand?

    Aaron Dyer  •  March 19, 2021

We’ve all felt the effects of 2020 and the unexpected increases in demand over 2019.   The National Golf Foundation (NGF) published the 2020 numbers for the typical KPIs, such as rounds played and participation, but I also thought it would be interesting to see how demand increased through the eyes of Google.  

With the help of Kent Ashby, our Marketing Director, I decided to look at the number of searches for the most common keywords used by consumers searching on Google for a golf course to play (with the idea of comparing 2019 to 2020).   I have put together a table of these results, showing the average monthly search volume in each state with their rank and Year over Year (Y.O.Y.) difference.   I’ve included the table below so you can check out your state’s Y.O.Y. difference. 

Some interesting notes on the monthly search demand for golf courses to play:

  • Overall, in the U.S., the increase was 100%, rising from 1.1 MM in 2019 to 2.2 MM.
  • Colorado was #1 on the list, with 126% increase.  Minnesota was a close 2nd.
  • As might be expected, Hawaii and Alaska experienced a decrease in demand as travel restrictions certainly took their toll.
  • The average increase for states was 71%.

Would you like to find out what the Y.O.Y. search demand for golf courses to play looks like in your local market?  Just email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I’ll send you a screenshot from our Google dashboard.   I can also tell you when the search demand peaks.


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