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    1-2-1 Development  •  December 5, 2023

How is your digital hygiene? Digital hygiene is a catch-all term for the practices and behaviors related to cleaning up and maintaining your digital world.

Give yourself a quick cyber checkup with this checklist!

Website content review:

Review your website and remove any outdated information. Update your rates, calendar, tournament schedules and event schedules for 2023, if applicable. Click through your website menus to ensure all links are working properly. Having a current and functioning website is important to encourage visitors to trust your website.

Check-in with your email base:

Review your email databases and member lists in your email marketing component to ensure they are current. Many email clients will also allow you to filter users who have not recently opened any emails and completely remove users who have unsubscribed. Streamlining your databases can result in better open rates and engagement.

Be social:

Now is a great time to dust off your social media channels. Regular social media posts can boost engagement and help grow your reach! Aim to post to your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) at least 1-2 times per week.

Refresh your image:

Images on your website and social media profiles are many users' first digital encounter with your brand. Make a good first impression by adding new, high-quality images to your website and social media profiles. Old or outdated images should be removed as needed.

Dial-in your Cyber-Security:

Make sure your passwords are secure and consider using a password manager, such as Lastpass, to store them. You may also want to review and clean up user access across your website and social media platforms. This includes removing access from past employees or outdated email addresses.

Following these steps will help you maintain a current and relevant digital presence.

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