• Do you know about “Negative Keywords”?

    Aaron Dyer  •  October 1, 2013

I like to think of myself as a positive guy. Always seeing the glass half-full. I never like to use negative words or terms and learned that long ago when I began to teach golf. I came across some “how to” content from Google related to optimizing a website and they mentioned “negative keywords”. Well, I just had to dig a little deeper.

Negative Keywords Explained

Turns out that you can make sure your ad doesn’t show up on searches that include certain terms. In many cases, if the keyword is broad, then your ad will show up on similar searches even when they don’t apply to your business or target market.
Example: You don’t want your ad designed for “orlando golf courses” to show up when someone searches for “orlando mini golf”. You can add “mini” as a “negative keyword” to be sure that you don’t waste your budget showing your ad on broad searches that don’t fit your target market.

How to choose Keywords (Positive)

Google provides many helpful articles on the subject and it’s worth taking some time to read and watch video tutorials which are available for everyone. Even if you don’t see yourself spending the time to design a keyword plan, you’ll be able to speak in an educated fashion with your SEO guru and help design an effective plan.

Here is a quick 5 step process for getting started with Google keywords…

1. What are my primary sources of revenue at the facility (not just tee times)?

Examples: Weddings/Banquets, Tournaments, Bar/Restaurant, Golf Academy, Practice Range

2. What differentiates our facility and/or services?

Examples: Course Conditions, Type of Grass, Clubhouse facilities and amenities, Ratings and awards

3. What specific action do I want them to take?

Example: Book tee times, inquire about tournaments, book a lesson, register for an event

4. Who are my customers?

Example: Men, Ladies, Juniors, Executives, Companies, Associations, Wedding Planners

5. Be Specific in choosing keywords

Your conversion rate increases dramatically when you choose keywords that are more specific. Example: “Orlando Golf Courses” is a broad search term. You might try “Best Public Golf Courses near Disney” which is a bit more specific.

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