• 3 Tips to Market Your Golf Tournament

    Alex Pettus  •  September 10, 2019

A well planned and executed golf tournament can be a huge benefit to your course. They are great sources of additional revenue, have the potential to generate donations for good causes, and serve as a great way to expand your course's reach. As with most events, any tournament is only as good as the marketing and promotion you put behind it. Here are 3 golf tournament marketing ideas you can use to ensure your next event is a success!

Landing Page

Creating an event landing page for your prospective tournament goers can make a huge difference in the success of your event. This is your first impression to existing customer and potential ones, as many will judge the legitimacy of the event based on the appearance of this page. While this step comes as no surprise, there are a few things you can to do ensure your landing page is in top shape:

Event Media & Info

While golf tournaments are often charitable in nature, make no mistake that you are in competition with many other golf courses vying for their own tournament customers. Creating a vibrant, unique page that showcases your course, tournament details, and prizes is essential. It is important to highlight what makes the event appealing and special, using high-resolution graphics and accenting any other relevant features of the tournament, whether this is the format of the event or a unique theme that will spark the interest of golfers.

Email Sign up form

Some visitors to your landing page may not be ready to commit to signing up for the tournament right away, but you can give them the option to sign up for a tournament email list for future updates. This gives them a chance to make up their mind, receive more information and gives you the opportunity for follow-ups. You know they have some interest, so following up can help make sure they don’t forget about you. This is particularly useful for events that are scheduled well into the future.

Event Registration

Finally, an easy registration form should be the focus of the page. Keep it simple, with minimal fields, and easily found on the page. After all, registering for the event is the entire propose of the page. Limit the information you request to just the necessities like name, email, and handicap. The more information you require, the less likely people are to complete the form. This is also a good time to ask for entry fees unless you'd prefer to collect that at the course at the time of the event.

Social Media

A must-have for anyone promoting a golf tournament is a strong social media presence dedicated to the event. It’s a great way to promote your tournament, and an easy way to inform players about the event and any updates in the days and months beforehand. While you should certainly be utilizing your email database to promote upcoming tournaments, social media can help introduce your event to many local golfers that you'd otherwise not be able to reach.

For Marketing

Facebook and Instagram are great channels for you to reach out to players before, during, and after your tournament or event. You can create posts to encourage signups leading up to your event, and post event photos after to create interest for the next years event. Videos and pictures are excellent ways to create FOMO for those who may have chosen not to join this tournament to sign up for the next one.

For Communicating

Email blasts will always be a great way to communicate important information with your participants, but social media can expand your reach significantly! Use updates on an event page or post to inform players of last-minute changes, reminders of event times, and useful details that don’t require and extensive email blast to communicate. It's also easily sharable by others.


Both you and local businesses or brands can benefit from sponsorship of your tournament. You get added value to your event from sponsor donations, raffle or giveaway items, and extra cash. The sponsor gets exposure for their business, in-person contact with potential customers and some great PR during charity tournaments or events.

In order to increase your marketing reach at a tournament or event, you need to have a diverse group of sponsors. Be sure that while you work to make your tournament appealing to players, you also keep your target sponsors in mind. Create something they will be interested in, and proud to associate their product or service with. The best way to do this is with multiple sponsorship packages or a tiered sponsorship structure. Offer a-la-carte style choices for sponsors, with options like:

  • Golf Cart Sponsorship
  • Hole Sponsorship
  • Hole-In-One Sponsorship
  • Refreshment Sponsorship
  • Game Sponsorship

No matter how you end up marketing your next golf tournament or event, the goal should be to expand your player base and grow your course. Plan and leave plenty of time before a tournament to be properly prepared and to effectively implement your marketing strategy. You also want to make sure potential sponsors and players are aware of your event with enough time to plan accordingly. Like we mentioned in the beginning, you’re competing with every other course in your area for tournament attendance, and the sooner you can get players to commit to yours, the better off you are! For more help with marketing your tournament, event or golf course in general, contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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