• 6 Compelling Reasons to Invest in Remarketing Ads

    Alex Pettus  •  November 28, 2018

We’ve all had the slightly mysterious experience of searching for a product or service online, visiting a website, and then are seemingly followed around the internet by ads for said product no matter where you go. Well, mystery solved! These are called Remarketing ads (or Retargeting ads), and it’s a simple yet very effective advertising strategy used by most brands and companies today. They are cost effective and can be a great branding tool.

While you’d be hard pressed to find a big company not utilizing Remarketing ads, however, many small businesses are unaware of Remarketing and its benefits. That’s why we’ve created this list of 6 Compelling Reasons to Invest in Remarketing Ads.

How it Works:

Before we dive into the why, let’s review the how. Advertising online is a smart way to reach lots of customers for much cheaper than traditional advertising methods. Remarketing allows us to stay connected with customers who have visited your site but may not have made a purchase or provided any contact information. Here’s where Remarketing ads set themselves apart. When customers visit your site, Google (Bing and Facebook do this as well) will cookie or “tag” that visitor and show them advertisements promoting that website as they browse the internet, usually for the next 30 to 90 days.

6 Compelling Reasons to Invest in Remarketing Ads

Users don’t always engage on their first visit

If someone visits your site and books a tee time, purchases a gift card, or fills out a membership request form and leaves you their email address in the process, great! You now have a way to re-engage with them in the future. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In fact, most people who visit your site will take little to no action. Some users may even have multiple interactions with your site before deciding. This is the online equivalent of “just browsing”, and this is where Remarketing ads are key. With targeted remarketing ads, you easily stay in front of your potential customers and remind them of what you offer while they take their time to decide what they want.

Change awareness into engagement

Showing advertisements to Remarketing list is great for creating awareness of your course or venue, but the real benefit is converting that awareness into action. Every time they are served your ad, it's another chance for you to offer more information that can help them make their decision. Remarketing ads can also be segmented to provide a truly targeted message aimed at the perfect audience. For instance, you can target those who have visited your “weddings & banquet” page with one ad, and target those who clicked the “book a tee time” button with another.

Benefits outweigh the risks

Remarketing ads are paid for on a pay-per-click advertising format. This means that unless someone clicks on your ad, you don’t pay a thing! Just by creating the ads and running them, you are generating awareness for your course, regardless of whether they are clicked or not. Click rates can be low, sometimes only 1% of people who have visited your site will return from an ad. However, you still get the benefit of your ad being viewed for free!

Costs are extremely low

Clicks on Google for other ads can get expensive quickly. Some industry’s see click costs of $5 to as much as $50 per click! With Remarketing ads, we usually see click costs below $1. That means with high visibility and only paying for a small number of clicks, you can spend very little and get in front of highly relevant audiences who have already shown interest in your course.

High ROI

Small businesses with low marketing budgets can really benefit from Remarketing ads’ low costs for high visibility. We have customers that spend as little as $100/month on remarketing ads and yield them over 10x ROI in tee time revenue. In an industry that can be highly dependent on seasonality, Remarketing ads can be scaled up or down to accommodate demand and not waste your limited advertising resources when tee times are unavailable. This makes them highly efficient on a small budget.

Tracking your dollars

We’ve discussed how remarketing ads are cheap, efficient and bring high returns, but one very important aspect to any successful marketer is the ability to track where your money is going and how it is being used. Like most digital advertising, the effectiveness of Remarketing campaigns can be tracked down to the penny. If tracking is set up properly, you will be able to see how much revenue the advertisements generate and whether it’s a good investment. This helps course owners make informed marketing decisions that will not only help the campaign run stronger but will save you money!

Remarketing ads are a staple of the digital marketing landscape today. Digital marketers are becoming smarter and more adept and targeting their audiences, and the tools they use are getting better and better. Remarketing can help bring more awareness and players to your course for a limited investment. If you’re interested in seeing how 1-2-1 Marketing can help bring more golfers to your facility, contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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