• 3 Steps for Ranking Higher in Google

    1-2-1 Development  •  April 29, 2013

Google provides instructions for building a site to be SEO friendly. We’ve highlighted 3 important areas recommended by Google for ensuring a solid structure for SEO. These are very simple things you can do for dramatically improving your rankings without paying for it (assuming your website provider gives you these tools built-in).

Meta Keywords

Meta keywords or “keywords” are used to describe what your web page is about. Each page should use unique keywords to tell the search engine what the page is about. These keywords should be targeted words or phrases that people use to search for your products or services. Example: “Websites for Golf Courses” would be a commonly used search term for our business, so we make sure to include this keyword in our “meta keywords” and “meta descriptions”.

Meta Description

The “Meta Description” is a very important step for any website’s search engine rankings. Your meta description should include “meta keywords” in it with an enticing invitation or 2 line summary of your facility. The meta description is what search engines will look for to find out if the web page is relevant to common search keywords.


Snippets are website descriptions that show up under the title of the Page when you search using Google (see image below for example). The snippet is crucial for getting the attention of the search engines. Google likes to pull this snippet from… That’s right… Your “Meta Description”. It’s recommended to write a good “Meta Description” so that Google will use it and potential customers will be more likely to click your link.

Does your website editing software allow you to add these crucial elements recommended by Google and other search engines? 1-2-1 Marketing provides the #1 Software on the planet for editing your website 24/7 including the essential SEO tools for adding Meta Keywords and Meta Descriptions (see image below). We also provide Google Analytics Tools built in to help you track progress and results.

1-2-1 Marketing Metadata Editing Feature Shown Below:

We encourage you to make sure you're including these crucial elements in all of your web pages. If your current website providers does not offer this, give us a call. We can provide you all of these tools, a new design, integration with virtually any POS, Tee Sheet, or Member Software for the most affordable price in the industry with NO upfront costs, and No long-term contracts.

You can also take a spin on our demo website (Click Here) to view the features of a 1-2-1 Marketing Website.

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