For most golf course operators, marketing is the bane of existence. There is a lot to manage, and with the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, even more to learn. Because of all the facets of marketing can be nearly impossible to keep up with, we’ve put together 5 of the most common marketing mistakes made by golf course operators. The tips and recommendations that you’ll read below are virtually evergreen. This isn’t so much to tell you what you’re doing wrong, but to shed light on some marketing best practices that are oftentimes overlooked.

Utilizing Facebook Ads

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 Utilizing Facebook Ads

Like most small businesses, you probably aren’t sitting on a pile of cash that you could use for a huge marketing budget. This means that every penny of what you put toward your ad budget needs to count!So what do you do? How do you branch out and diversify your marketing efforts on a limited budget? These questions are more common than you may think, and there ARE solutions. One of the most effective methods that we suggest to some of our clients is Facebook Advertising.

How Humor Can Save Your Social Media Efforts

We have all been taught that humor is the best medicine and luckily we have the luxury of this amusement at our fingertips. Social media is the most viewed outlet to relieve emotion as well as express it, which is why the all mighty trend the meme came about. In the world of social media platforms there is no rule book on how you need to act or what you should say. It is a free roaming space to express the nature of you or your company. As much as every business attempts to maintain a professional, clean-cut image… the truth is your followers need more than that. Being well humored, sarcastic, weird and random can be much more effective than posting stiff, buttoned-up posts to your social media accounts. Come alive and be the odd-ball that has everyone buzzing and sharing about to all their friends. But what can humor do for your company?

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but you want to make sure that image is delivering the message you want. Social media is the best way to portray your golf course's beauty and have immediate access whenever you need to add content. It is important to note that it is OKAY to edit photographs. Enhancing features and clearing out impurities makes your image stand out and stand apart from the rest. Smartphones have made photo editing easier with a few simple to navigate apps for both Android and iPhone users.

When brainstorming your company’s marketing strategy, one of the first things to come to mind is an AdWords campaign. Google AdWords allows your golf course to create advertisements to display across Google and its surrounding network. With this program, setting a budget is crucial, as you pay for each ad click that is made by online users. The luxury of reaching a large audience is the scale of exposure your golf course will get, BUT you want your ad campaigns to be reaching the appropriate target market to ensure your budget is put towards a positive ROI.

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