No matter what industry you are in, marketing pitfalls are all around. But small companies in particular must navigate a unique set of marketing challenges; restricted budgets, limited resources and the growing need to reach a bigger and younger audience.Understanding what strategies work and when to invest in marketing for your business is vital to a courses success. With a good knowledge of what can help and what can hurt, you can save a lot of time, energy and money. Here are some common marketing mistakes small businesses make.

Social media has become the new generation of communication as we know it. The method of infinite connection through use of hashtags, likes and shares has taken over the way in which a business brands themselves, especially golf courses. While controlling multiple social networking platforms might seem overwhelming, there are tricks to eliminating the hassle while still creating an online presence that maximizes your social potential. The methods to the madness of the social media world goes as follows, and if you stick to this list you’ll see the strength of your social media campaigns on the rise.

Monitoring and responding to comments and reviews online can seem like a big task, but it is a vital part of a healthy online reputation and relationship with your customers. Just like any customer interaction, reviews are an opportunity to create connections, build relationships and to learn from their comments and/or concerns. Most customers read more than one review of a business, and providing a well-thought and sincere response can improve your standing with customers. Regular and prompt responses show customers that you care about their preception of your business. However, in this age of faceless contact and emojis, even the best of intentions can come across poorly without the ability to communicate in person. With 77% of consumers reading online reviews before making a purchase, review management is becoming a vital role in protecting your business's reputation.

Digital Marketing is a constantly changing environment, with new strategies and optimization methods constantly available. However, there are some techniques that are staples for digital marketers, and one of those essentials is link building. Link building is the strategy of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites that “link” back to your own. These allow users to navigate between different pages on the Internet. They also help search engines crawl between the pages on your website. There are many ways to build links and utilizing just a few can help you stand out from the competition in the eyes of Google.

Savvy marketers will always ask the question “Which marketing channels are yielding the best ROI?”. In the golf industry, this question can only be answered by few. Here at 121, we work with a lot of golf courses to not only sell more rounds of golf and increase membership leads, but to help them identify where their revenue is coming from.

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