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Social Networking Media Integration

The Social Networking Revolution has arrived!
Let 1-2-1 Marketing take you to the NEXT level...fully integrating all your social networking sites into a network that works better to drive revenues into your pocket. We help open new channels of communication and facilitate loyalty among your customer base...resulting in greater profits for your business!

1-2-1 understands the 'viral' nature of sites like Facebook, Twitter & YouTube, and how they can be used to increase the 'buzz' for your business. The use of Social Media sites help establish the sense of community for your patrons, and are also a valuable and sometimes preferred communication channel for your customers. The more avenues you use in your Internet Marketing programs...news, specials, events, awards, customer appreciation, etc., directly impact the speed at which your business operates and profits from.
Social Media Services We Provide:
  • Facebook & Twitter Account Setup
  • Youtube Account & Channel Setup
  • Facebook to Twitter Integration
  • Smartphone Integration Consultation
  • Facebook to Website (Widgets & Feeds)
  • Twitter to Website (Widgets & Feeds)
  • YouTube to Website (Video with Brand Removal)
  • Facebook Profile Image Creation
  • Twitter Custom Background Creation
  • Facebook Online Tee Time Booking for Golf Courses
FREE is the Word!
Social Media sites are all FREE to join, and our social media services listed above are FREE to customers!
Role of a Great Tech Partner:
1-2-1 uses everything from 'Native Modules' to 'Custom Widgets' in our integrations. We can link to your social media sites and/or pull feeds & data from them into your website. We can even help simplify the management of multiple accounts by integrating several of them together to take advantage of a 'Triple Threat'...where from your computer or phone, you can quickly update one site and have the update virally hit the others.

We realize this can be quite overwhelming if you attempt to go it alone, but as a 1-2-1 Marketing client you won't have to. We make this easy for all our customers, enabling you to get ahead of the competition!