A Full Suite of Services for Your Facility.

Award Winning E-Marketing Software

What do you consider the most important factor in your Email Marketing campaign? Speed? Deliverability? Branding? Integration? How about ALL of the above? This is 1-2-1 Marketing's true difference. We use the most advanced SMTP technology and infrastructure for your ultimate deliverability potential, and employ the most professional & unique branding philosophy for your fully customized program. Best of all, 1-2-1 never brands anyone but your facility...can this be said about any of our competitors? NO WAY!

The open source product we use is Award Winning Technology. You get your hands on the most powerful 'Target Email Marketing' software in the industry...loaded with features and complete customization...giving you the ability to send and schedule email campaigns from anywhere in the World. Our software takes your E-marketing program to the next level...so let's skip the basics you'd already expect and get to the good stuff:

  • Schedule unlimited email campaigns up to 5 years in advance
  • Manage multiple contact lists - easy to import and export
  • Unlimited custom fields to gather customer data - text, drop downs, radio buttons, checkboxes, etc.
  • Target Market ANY data from ANY list - based on all the fields you store in your contact lists
  • Complete customization of your email marketing templates to match your website branding
  • Marketing Banner generation that professionally and properly brands your company
  • Fully customized Holiday & Event banner series with your professional branding
  • Birthday Program 'automagically' sends email offers to customers on/before their birthday
  • Create 'Autoresponders' and 'Triggers' to do the daily work and communication for you
  • Attach Custom Surveys to your email campaigns and track results
  • Track Open Rates, Clickable Links, Forwards, Unsubscribes & Bounces within your Eblasts
  • Complete integration with your 1-2-1 Powered Website & Google Analytics account
The Ultimate Target Marketing Solution:

Say you own a golf course. How about E-marketing your customer database by the days of the week your patrons like to play? Your signup form would include options for specific days you run specials, weekdays only, weekends only, even 'all of the above' as a signup choice. How about asking if your patrons want to hear from you regarding Online Store Merchandise Promotions, Holiday Events, Gift Card Specials, Dinner Specials, Junior Golf Camps, Lesson Clinics, League Information, Special Tournaments & Outings, or Membership Offers? Create customer loyalty by knowing your customer and marketing them at the proper time. These ideas can apply to any business...not just golf. Rest assured, we will make this happen for your program.

Template & Banner Club:

Whether or not you need E-Marketing software or not, 1-2-1 provides a truly unique branding philosophy and innovative approach to improve your results. When you become a part of the 1-2-1 family, your access to our Member's Section with our 'hands on branding approach' will setup your E-Marketing program for years to come. By achieving the proper color schemes that match your website to your email blast, and providing brand name recognition through your custom marketing banners, holiday banners, and logo...1-2-1 keepsconsistency in nature...coupled with having the ultimate deliverability, this adds up to YOU on top.


Setting us apart in the most important aspect of Email Marketing is our SMTP server. We've built in an additional 10 levels of infrastructure to keep up with harsh SPAM regulations and ISP guidelines to make sure your emails are delivered and your voice is heard. We even use separate servers to specifically handle your Email Blasts, improving both performance and deliverability while protecting the integrity of your website.


You'll experience advice from our expert staff, member access to our pre-written email and suggested marketing calendar section, tools and tricks to collect more customer data, and the "Member Forum" that helps you connect with other 1-2-1 customers posting questions and ideas about their E-marketing programs. Everything is designed around helping you rise to the top and succeed in your market!